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Done with School, or Now the Floundering Begins

School has Literally been my Life

Four years at University, four years in high school, two in middle, six in elementary, one in kindergarten, two in preschool, and I'm pretty sure there was something before that, but my memory is fuzzy. I am twenty-two years of age and it appears as though I have been in school for at least nineteen of them.

Splayed out like that it sounds like a lot, and it is. Yet, in spite of that dramatic listing I just did, I gotta say that graduating this past Saturday didn't feel like the massive "end of an era" it really should. Don't read that as me saying "graduating sucked" - graduating was awesome and I feel sorry for the poor bastards who felt it appropriate to stamp me with a seal of adulthood - but the gravitas of the situation never fully flomped onto me in a great, weighty, blubbery mass like I thought it would.

No, "flomp" isn't a real word; deal with it.

Sweet mother of god...

Sweet mother of god...

So I find myself in a strange situation now. I'm in between vacation and diving headfirst into my professional career. This means I could lounge around and do nothing while I still have the chance, and while I do very much enjoy recuperation time, I know I would go stir-crazy within days. I've had plans to start this project for a while, and now seemed like a good enough occasion to start up this madness.

Welcome to You Should be Confused, the blog of Drew Petriello.

I am an actor and a writer and this is where I've chosen to showcase some good old fashioned insanity for anyone that is a fan of slow-motion trainwrecks that inevitably end in gorgeous fireballs.


Pictured: A man who has it together

Pictured: A man who has it together

Anyway, I have some weekly content planned for *You Should be Confused*, and below is the list of what segments I have scheduled for each day of the week.

  • Monday: Drew Spew
  • Tuesday: Journal Lifting
  • Friday: Short Fiction
  • Sunday: Sonnet Sundays

To break things down a little further:

Drew Spew

The clever title I came up with for a ranty, op-ed-ish section where I will pick some topic I want to talk about and just type until I feel I have embarrassed myself enough. I don't quite know if there's going to be a format to this or a more central topic; we will see what happens as things go along. Weekly funtimes, here we come!

Journal Lifting

This is not some strange writer version of going to the gym. This is Sparta. 

Bad Drew. Very bad.

Pictured: A very, very bad man

Pictured: A very, very bad man

Anywho, I have a lot of journals and notebooks, and I write in those journals and notebooks. I will be going over my chicken-scratches from the past week and pick out random tidbits I think are worth sharing. Partially, this is holding me accountable to making sure am not just writing into the void with my journals and that I actually take action on some of the decent ideas that get thrown out.

Short Fiction

What it says on the tin. Really, I want to keep these stories *short*, like, flash-fiction short. Consider these to be early drafts.

Sonnet Sundays

I've already been doing these for a little while (surprisingly, not a huge extra amount of cognitive burden week to week), and I want to continue to do so.

I enjoy writing sonnets. I think they are fun.

That sound you heard was that of a million high-schoolers klonking their heads on their desks because they just passed out from boredom. Don't pay them any mind, they are spoilsports.

All of this is subject to change, of course, but I would like to do my best to adhere to this schedule if I can.


I have plans to do something exciting on Wednesdays, but I need to continue working it out before launching into that. Be intrigued, be very intrigued.

That's All, Folks!

There it is. That is what I plan to do with my blog and I hope you will tune in for the ride - follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook and drop me a line on social media or the contact page of my website if you feel compelled to do so! I'm really excited to see where this goes and I'm glad you're on board!

Seen here: A brief moment of Drew not being a goof

Seen here: A brief moment of Drew not being a goof

5/17 - 5/23

Graduation Speech