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Sestina for Jinny

I have heard soft tunes of love -
The comfort stirs up symphonies of you
Taking root inside, always there for me,
Revisit music muse at any time.

What once was far and small is near and stretched
And now at ev'ry night you're mine to hold.

It's a dream I always hold,
A mem'ry dream that's sharpened by a love,
And I remember how the dream was stretched
From start to end, and in-between is you.
This dream, it ages well beside the time,
Subconsciously, my slumber tricks with me.

"Such a wretch, a hack, is me,"
You hear me say again and still you hold
Because you know I am obsessed with time;
You shatter my obsessive rhyme with love
And soon my rhyme is changed to thanking you
In words that feel by miles much too stretched.

Yet those words you feel not stretched,
When you are close your eyes are filled with me;
In ignorance of eyes, my chest fills you,
Commands my arms to breathe you as I hold,
Your skin tells secrets in the language Love;
We listen, stuck inside our shell of time.

Music swells with dreams of time,
Still soft - and even with the chorus stretched
To fevered heights, to drown our ears in love -
Slight discord here unperfect, yet seems to me
The flaws of us have built an eas'ier hold
To wrap myself in radiance of you.

What else can I say of you?
Your essence lives to pass through sprawling time,
An entity of light no crate can hold,
With catlike poise and grace your light is stretched,
Enveloping 'round all and even me,
A playful soul that I and all do love.

In the grass, there's you, laying out all stretched;
It transcended time when you looked at me,
And our hearts did hold, planting seeds of love

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