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We are hard-wired for novelty

Not sure why that is, but that be the way it do.



Humans love new experiences. This is why routine often feels so dull; it's the same thing over and over. But the New(tm) is a big ol' dollop of WHOA.  I read somewhere that, neurologically, newness hooks into our memories better; the new or the different is easier to remember. This is part of what makes childhood experiences so formative.

Sometimes I think we get carried away with seeking out the new. I've observed the following in myself: if I see a book published more than a few years ago or a Youtube video from a few weeks ago, I kinda give a mental scoff and my knee-jerk response is to pass it up because of some silly notion that it's out of date and not relevant.

I think it's some sort of bias we have. And it's dumb and I want to get over it.

The other thing about newness and novelty I've observed in me affects my creativity. I need to keep changing up my routines and methods and techniques and toolbox when it comes to creative work - as soon as it becomes too rote, it dies. The first day of trying something new is glorious and I always feel energized - the first time I woke up at five AM and hammered out an hour of writing, for instance, was actually super liberating and glorious. But then I ilost steam and had to move on to something else; what was new and exciting becomes routine and boring and my work starts to become less interesting as a consequence.

But this tendency has its good side. It forces me not to be complacent. Complacency is death for any artist.

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