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Stucco Ceiling Revelation

Slide in, slide around, writhe in these few minutes while you have the chance,
While the music plays and the beat is strong and the buzz is good
And it feels right to disappear for a while
Surrounded by the rest - the temporary mindless ones -
A part of you whispers in your ear "It won't last," the part of you that's afraid to dance.
You can't help the thought as this feels so right
blinded in your own light, soon new darkness will come:
    day after
    maybe minutes
    you know how it is with you
as you stare at that stucco ceiling,
overheated, pounding head, mouth
sticky with clinging dread,
        you know everything
        that's wrong with you
    in that stucco ceiling revelation
but revelation will pass
            just like the last
            and the last
                the last

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