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Perpetually Dissatisfied

If I ever write a self-help book (oh god, please strike me dead if I do, I know nothing), that there would be the title.

Weirdly enough, it's not because it would be about dealing with feelings of dissatisfaction, but rather embracing it as a form a fuel.




Sh, sh - there, there, child; Master Drew will hold your hand through the terrible essay ahead...

I'm choosing the word "dissatisfaction" here, though "non-complacent" may be more accurate. I think "dissatisfaction" is a bit more of a prodding word though. My theory is that in order to improve some aspect of your life or attain success in a career, a big motivator is a dissatisfaction with the way things currently are. Put another way; it is possible to shoot for the stars only if you aren't complacent with your lot on Earth.

This is not me saying that you shouldn't be grateful for what you have now, but what I do mean is that if we allow ourselves to be completely fine with the now and don't care to improve the situation in some way, then, funnily enough, things don't change much. It is only by being constantly dissatisfied by the way things are that we can make things better. It's hard to garner up the energy to improve something we're already okay with.

Saying "I can do better" with each project, striving for that perfection that can't be attained - this is how we improve. This isn't about slagging off past accomplishments because the best is yet to come, it's about acknowledging that you've done phenomenal/great/good/fine/mediocre/bad/wretched work and refusing to run in circles.

Did you write a successful screenplay by adhering to a strict formula you developed? Cool! But you'll probably have only a couple more of those formula-driven screenplays in you before finding you need to challenge yourself to keep things interesting.

Replicating the same successes as before is lucrative, but you know that as a creative soul it's not as fulfilling as pushing boundaries. Christ, look at the Simpsons and how blisteringly bored everyone on that show is with it.

But what do I know? I'm only twenty three and all too aware that I know next to nothing about life the universe and everything.

Just something I've noticed in myself is all.

Stay dissatisfied!

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