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Inge Festival Debrief


Of course you did. Because you read my post from last week and you probably saw all of that crap from social media.



So here's the debrief, as promised. "The skinny," if you will.

it was awesome the end

I kid, I kid.

But t'was brillig. Four sleepless days of workshops, plays and networking (a word I despise, but please read in this context as, "socializing"). My play was read and it was good - good feedback too. I know how to develop it further, which I'm pretty excited to start on in the next couple of days.

We had the pleasure of having our work read by a group of Kansas City actors and boy, were they fantastic. Seriously; they put the chumps I've met in LA to shame (if you think I'm talking about you, please understand I'm talking about the other chumps, definitely not you, you're so talented you chump you).

I was also stunned by the quality of writing on display at the Play Lab. With the exception of one play I saw, the caliber of writing talent was astonishing and I feel so lucky to have been included among their ranks.

Speaking of the other playwrights - OH MY GOODNESS THE PEOPLE I MET WERE AWESOME! You all know I'm about four cats away from being a total shut-in, so me saying that carries a lot of weight. The other playwrights, and especially the lovely group I fell in with and would certainly call "friends," were all so kind and supportive. I really really don't want to lapse into my bad habit of not keeping in touch. These are people who, not only would I want to hang out with them in a bar and just chat, but who I would respect as collaborators and critics.

And there's so much more I could go on and on about, like how sweet and kind Beth Henley is or some of the writing strategies I've decided to try out, but this post needs to stay brief. That and I'm still processing.

I'm so, so grateful for the experience. I really am.

Now that I'm back and returning to normal life, slowly but surely I'm feeling a fire being lit under my ass. Lately, I've been mainly attempting to write prose, but I think I can detour back into playwriting for a little while. At least, until I hammer out a couple of drafts.

10/10. Would bang.

Er, would go again. Ahem.

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