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I Haven't Been Home in Close to a Year and a Half

By the time this goes up, I'll be leaving for Edmonds tomorrow.

I'll be gone for four days, which, let's be real, is not enough time for how long I've been away. But there's always more to be done in this soul-sucker of a city, Los Angeles. Always.



Anywho, let's put that anxiety aside for a moment so I can bask in how nice it will be to be home. I'll sleep in (a rarity these days), I'll get only the barest minimum of work done (another rarity), and I'll probably socialize some (...also a rarity... you see a pattern here? I'm not sure I like this pattern...).

But most of all, I'll get to spend time with my family. Cue the studio audience "d'aw."

I've seen them all a few times since I was last home, but I've always been busy and haven't been able to give them as much time as they deserve. I look forward to delicious stir-fry, shooting the shit with the lil' bro (probably about music) and lounging.

Oh, how I will lounge.

Home. The one place I don't feel pressure to be uber high-functioning. Not that I am uber high-functioning, mind you, but I feel the pressure to be so constantly in my normal life.

You mean I get to spend a few days a way from making it look like I have my shit together and seeking validation in my artistic endeavors just like everyone else beceause everyone is so fucking insecure in LA? Sign me the fuck up.

I'm being a drama queen. I've gotten used to Soulsuckers Anonymous (psssst, that's Los Angeles for the slow in the audience).

Ostensibly, I'm going home to see a Radiohead concert as part of my brother's birthday present, but really, it's just an excuse to take things easy for more than a day. Maybe it's just my own neuroses showing, but when I take just one day off, I start to feel anxious because there is always, always something more I can be doing for the business.

...I don't have much more to say. I'm looking forward to fewer responsibilities.



so...................if you're in the area, we should hang out, mayhaps. Mayhaps board games. Wouldn't that be nice?

Yes. That'd be nice.

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