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Podcast Talk Version 2 - Podlectric Boogalcast

Gosh, I love podcasts so much I'm reusing the topic

Maybe I'm just out of ideas. Or maybe I have something worth saying. Maybe both. Maybe I'm the only one who knows.

Example of Podcast (complete with a freebie ad-ridden Android app!)

Example of Podcast (complete with a freebie ad-ridden Android app!)

I think it's worth bringing up again because last time in this post, I talked a lot about educational podcasts and how much I liked LEARNING because I'm SUCH a SCHOLAR and ooooooh~~~~!

Well, looking at my increasingly expanding list of podcasts, we can see that yes, some of these are educational, but a lot of them that have educational elements to them are, frankly much more entertainment.

Invisibilia? That's education.

Last Podcast on the Left? That's entertainment with some morbid education slathered on top.

Actually, Last Podcast may be a bad example because those guys do a ton of research on their topics. Shhhhh...

So I guess what's happened is I've traded knowledge for escapism. MBMBaM, Adventure Zone, Nightvale, Magic Tavern, Hello Internet, Off Topic, Shut up and Sit Down, Flophouse... These are some of my favorites and they are overwhelmingly silly. Maybe I just don't want to deal with horrible real world horribleness so much on my commute.

'Cause you know, I'm all for being informed and learning and paying attention to the world, but sometimes all you need is a handful of idiots chattering into microphones for a few hours to make you feel better.

That said, there are a handful on here that are guaranteed to get my brain a-thinkin'. The aforementioned Invisibilia, Hidden Brain, Planet Money, Revisionist HistoryFreakonomics, Conversations with People who Hate Me, and this little podcast called Originality that I love and I want to continue so if you're creative please listen to them. I still have a place for them, but more often then not, I want to listen to something that makes me giggle and maybe has some deeper underpinnings to it.

So. Podcasts. Still great a year out. Preferring to feel the warm fuzzies a little more than wrestling with that dark void in my stomach.

And that void is very dark. And very large. Don't know how it all fits in my stomach.

Toodles ;)

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