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Right, so I have this product idea and I wanted to get some opinions on it.

am businessboi :3

am businessboi :3

Okay? Here’s the idea:

(scroll a bit)


(keep scrolling)



(TM, TM, Copyright, TM, All Rights Reserved, TM, Theft Punishable by Breaking with the Wheel, etc.)

So. Thoughts? Do you think there’s a market for this sort of thing? I’m thinking it would be less like, a sexual body pillow (although to each their own) and more like something you could beat up and it would still comfort you after taking your abuse.

Much like the real Drew.

Is that a unique marketing spin? I think so. I think the beat-up-then-snuggle body pillow market is really under-served.

So yeah. Let me know your thoughts. I’ve got a few manufacturers in mind, but I’ll take recs. Do you think it would be best sold on Etsy, or should I give my own online store a whirl?

I mean… I don’t want to be presumptuous, but if you think this will get big enough… hey, maybe we can open up a specialty retail location where a family-run dry cleaner used to be in a gentrifying part of town which priced the family out via rising leases.

And we could sell on Amazon. I hear that’s a pretty hip place to sell things. And body pillows float, so like, even if they go overboard the paddleboat we’ll be selling them from, they can be scooped back up, no problem.*

Maybe have a few different versions that…

No no… let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Gotta start with the most immediate priorities. #businessboi #entrepreneurship and all that.

So yeah, I’d love to hear your thoughts/receive your venture capital funds. See you at the Q4 shareholder meeting.

* Hey, serious actual Drew here. I just wanted to point out that the sentence this footnote refers to is a really, really excellent joke conflating Amazon the river with Amazon the website. I wanted to point that out because it’s a really original joke and I’m proud of it and it probably went over your head, but that’s okay, no one’s made that joke before :)

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