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The Essential Project 2 - The Maw


Below is the usual transcription of the goings on of the Essential Project with a few minor embellishments. Took place about a week and a half after the events of the last one. Corporal Jellybean was released from psychiatric probation.

3.29 2112

Corporal Jellybean in the Maw's cell. Private N stands guard. The Cpl. has been here for a while, pacing, looking, saying nothing. The Maw watches back through the Binah Mirror, a mess of rippling teeth. A bucket of giblets sits on the ground by the mirror.

Cpl. Jellybean stops pacing.

Jellybean: Private.

Private N: Corporal?

Jellybean: You are dismissed.

Private N: Protocol states that there must always -

Jellybean: Dismissed.

Pvt. N hesitates. He salutes, then exits.

Jellybean: Any word of Clytemnestra?

Maw: <unintelligable>

Jellybean: Dammit. (a pause) Have you heard her prophecy?

Maw: <negatory grunt>

Jellybean: Mm.

Cpl. Jellybean sits down, face in hands.

Jellybean: Tell her when you see her that I miss her.

The Maw is silent. It growls comfortingly.

Jellybean: Thanks buddy. (a pause) There's a new technology we've been working on. Have you heard of this?

Maw: <questioning burble>

Jellybean: We call it a striding patch. It would allow us to cross over. Into your plane. Without our insides becoming our outsides, that is.

Maw: <unintelligable>

Jellybean: Yeah, I think it sounds like a shitty idea too.

Maw: <growls hungrily>

Jellybean: (going to the giblet bucket) What would you eat if it weren't for me?

Maw: <unintelligable>

Jellybean: Huh. (looks at bucket) Can't say I've ever thought of pig guts as a delicacy, but hey. Preferences.

Cpl. Jellybean takes a liver out of the bucket. He brings it before the Binah Mirror. The Maw salivates. Its millions of teeth twirl into exotic fractal patterns.

Cpl. Jellybean winds up the liver to toss it through, but stops.

Jellybean: Hold on.

Maw: <low growling>

Jellybean: I'll give this to you. But. (looks over his shoulder) I need you to do something for me.

Maw: <otherworldly shrieking>

Jellybean reels.

Jellybean: I'm sorry! I - No! No. I need you to do this for me. Okay? I promise. I'll - I'll get you all the slop you could ever want. I need you to -

The door opens. Lieutenant Director Keyholder enters, holding a striding patch. The Maw continues to shriek and thrash.

Jellybean: (doesn't notice Keyholder) Shut up! I'm sorry. I'm sorry! I have no one else to ask, I -

Lt. Dir. Keyholder ahems into her hand. The Maw quiets. Cpl. Jellybean looks behind him.

Jellybean: L-lieutenant Director.

Keyholder: Supposed to be a Private with you. While you make contact.

Jellybean: ...

Keyholder: Maw. Hello.

Maw: <hisses>

Keyholder: Doctor Reznov said you were clear for duty.

Jellybean: ...

Keyholder: Let's see... abuse of power. Illegal coercian of an Essential... (a pause) Not a great look, Corporal.

Cpl. Jellybean throws the liver at Lt. Dir. Keyholder and lunges.

Lt. Dir. Keyholder bats the liver away and traps Cpl. Jellybean in a reversal. She sticks the striding patch to his uniform.

Cpl. Jellybean's eyes go wide. His lips tremble.

Lt. Dir. Keyholder forces him towards the Binah Mirror.

Keyholder: Feast well.

Lt. Dir. Keyholder shoves Cpl. Jellybean through the Binah Mirror. Resigned, he flops in without a struggle.

Through the mirror, it can be discerned that Maw wraps Cpl. Jellybean in its teeth, but the mirror darkens, indicating a terminated connection.

Lt. Dir. Keyholder kicks the bucket, drenching the cell floor with viscera. She picks up the bucket and smashes the mirror with it.

She exits the cell.

Further transcription of Lt. Dir. Keyholder's intercepted walkie-talkie communications.

3.29 2128

Keyholder: Lieutenant Director Keyholder to Clean Up Crew.

Crew Leader "Pledge":  Go for Clean Up Crew.

Keyholder: Maw unit has gone rogue. Prepare to purge the cell and prepare a moratorium for Corporal Jellybean.

Pledge: Fuck's sake. Shouldn't have tangled with that mother.

Keyholder: You know how Jellybean was.

Pledge: Has the Director been made aware?

Keyholder: I'll notify her. Don't question my orders.

Pledge: Apologies. Sending out a crew.

End of transcription.

Stay strong. Stay safe.

- Alcatraz

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