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Of Toxic Gas and Weedy Men

Facade, facade, so pray to your God beyond,
But words won't reach past skies where madmen preach;
Unleashed, and here I see the world's been conned,
Miasmal lies our angry cries can't breach.
A fracture in the ground beneath our feet
That we can't see for thorny weeds abound,
Don't burn it down with your so righteous heat,
The fissure'd eat us up without a sound. 
But fight the weeds and breathe the toxic gas
For I refuse to watch my siblings fall
To lies been writ on fragile panes of glass
We'll shatter them, we'll shatter them for all.
No rest, no rest - I'll march with you through swamps
And hold the ground while - oh, that beast! - he romps .

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