Performed Work

  • The Happiest Moment

    • Tel is a serial killer with a twisted philosophy: in every relationship, there is a peak moment. After that peak moment, it’s all downhill. To avoid this pain, she kills those she’s close to to immortalize their peak, happiest moment together.

    • Workshopped at the 2019 Steel River Playhouse Refinery

  • Anna St. Hesia Dreams

    • Anna is trapped in an anesthesia-related coma and she copes with it by telling a tale to the audience, who are in her dream with her. The story she tells is fantastical, about dreamweavers who create tourist destinations in dragon dreams… and what goes wrong when the dragon wakes up.

    • Performed at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019

    • Press:

  • Sunbathe in Darkness

    • Casey deals with her teenage angst by writing purposely terrible fanfiction… which gets super popular. A 2007 period piece that revels in the emo culture of the day.

    • Co-written with Adam Cash

    • Performed at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019

    • Press:

  • F(ord Focus)

    • An immersive piece set inside a car. A rideshare gone horribly wrong: there is a couple in the back seat in the throes of a relationship-ending argument and the driver may or may not be a murderer.

    • Co-written with Annie Lesser as part of the ABC Project (2019)

  • How to be Lazy and Not Feel Guilty

    • Jenine overworks herself and her psyche torments her over it.

    • Performed at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018

    • Workshopped at the 36th Annual William Inge Festival Play Lab in 2017

  • I Own You Now, Bitches

    • Four actors are tormented by a power-tripping playwright.

    • Performed at This is Water Theatre's 10-minute Play Festival in 2017

    • Performed as part of Chapman University's 24-Hour Play Festival in 2015

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