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Borscht. What a silly word. 5/24 - 5/30


Hark, I be adulting so hard. Yes, I be do. Yes.

Gracious me, who is coming through the door I see?
A little man made of little aperitifs
Bits of green and bread lodged in his lumpy head
Said his name was Gary - must admit I was a little wary
He looked as though he could fall to pieces right then and there
Provided there was moisture in the air

There is something sort of comforting in the fact that we are all just animals; ones that have a developed intellect, but still - just animals.

Business Jargon, Business Jargon
Yadayadayada business jargon.

Soooooooo learning that sapiens may have committed an ethnic cleansing upon neanderthals is unsettling.

I hope I'm not getting sick
I hope it's not the KFC


Please dull the roaring that's happening in my stomach lining
Food will not fill that. WHO KNOWS what will...

The fact that in the far, far future people will not see any galaxies because they are speeding away from us and that is kinda scary. But it makes me wonder - if we go far enough back in time, what would we learn that is absolutely impossible for us now?


Borscht. What a silly word.
It's like the sound a large, bearded man makes after downing an entire roast chicken and a liter of Mountain Dew.

Today I am in the forest, tomorrow maybe the desert or ocean floor
I don't care so long as I get there
Under the watchful warmth of the sun
Don't listen to anyone
But me
They want to take your warmth away.

I'm not sick, but I'm not weeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

How on earth are supermarket tabloids still in business?


Na na na na na na na NA na na na na

How do I self promote I don't know
It all feels so scummy
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww scum

You can tolerate me with this poison pill - drains your mind, makes you ill

Fire & Brimstone , brah

Man, I was feeling so good this morning, body why are you doing this to me D:

Ugh, give me a break. Stop patting yourselves on the back and tell me why I should listen to anything you have to say.
You know, the people I respect aren't sanctimonious and merely talk about it, but they just do it.

Okay, you got me. I just need to write & write & write.

Sometimes it feels like I suck at coming up with ideas. Names are the hardest.

Welcome to DREW-TOWN
Population... me!


Mold inside the weather-vane.
It creaks as the wind twists it, one day soon it will die.
Just like the fields of what used to be grass and wheat lining the property like highway streets.
The wood is gone, it left with the family spirit when their boy escaped into the forest nearby and never came back.
All gone, pieces of memory littering a haunted lot.
The weather-vane threatens... to snap.
One day.
One day.

Ha ha ha ha ha
Joke's on you
I'm tired & lazy
I could be doing something productive
I could I could I could
But nah, just sitting here, bemoaning the fact I'm not doing anything.


I exist in a haze of sleepiness and allergens.

Petulant parasite, prodding me with your bite. I was always right, you know. I will fight you, vicious body trap. Gasp in my grasp you sickly hematite. Wild, bitch, freed. Need need need, that's all I hear from you, need need need. You want me to bleed, parasite you, parasitic in the whole of what you knew. Slimey, slimey, blood-sucking you. My hate grew and grew along with you and now I know it's us in symbiosis I've loathed anew.
Word spew, this is merely word spew on pages upon unsuspecting you.
Tired varicose hue hewn the fast space before my eyes in vicious two.
Gorgeous design with many slick signs that convinces me this is all new.
These words come a bit... a bit few.
Parasitic you.

I'm not sick but I'm not wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Not wanting to commit because of being afraid I'll make the wrong choice.
But I'm not entirely in control - life is in the hands of others and I want control, but I also need help.
I am not Superman. I am allowed to have help



"Hearsay" is a really poorly constructed word for a really important concept.

Pengasms while I use this, man.

Peace... let us have some peace...

Rest... rest... recover, recuperate, reinvigorate.

Fetal Savior

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