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The Adventures of Little Girl Sally, Marxist

Sally skipped to the grocery store, humming a tune, pigtails and dress bouncing on the path.

On the way to the store, she skipped past a man. His face was jovial enough, and he smiled kindly as she went by.

"Sally, you're looking very pretty today," he said.

Sally turned to him and said in a sing song -

"Prettiness is a bourgeois construct designed to keep the lower classes in their place through the perpetuation of and subservience to an unattainable ideal."

And she skipped away to the grocery store.

She skipped up and down the aisles, looking for milk to make the cookies she had started back home. She would skip and stop and look and skip and stop and look and skip and stop and look until an employee came by and broke the routine.

The employee smiled, "Can I help you find anything?"

Sally mused -

"If the working classes can learn to help each other and work together towards the single goal of overthrowing the nobility of the dollar, utopia can be achieved."

Sally skipped away and found the milk on aisle four.

She skipped up to the checkout counter - there was no line - and handed the milk over for the cashier to scan.

"That'll be two forty-nine, please," quipped the cashier.

Sally searched through her purse for change and handed it over to the cashier, saying -

"When men are slaves to currency and wages payed, true freedom is reserved only for a privileged few."

She skipped back to her house with the milk.

Sally added the milk to her cookie batter and placed globs of dough on baking sheets. As she lowered the cookies into the oven, her cat, Mittens, mewed at her feet.

She turned to the cat and said -

"The practice of keeping pets is accepted only because it gives the lower classes someone even lower on the social ladder to feel superior to, keeping them content like sheep."

She pet the cat on the head and skipped into the living room where her mother was watching television. She sat down beside her mother and watched the game show with her. They sat there and watched for sometime.

Her mother laughed, "These contestants are so funny, aren't they?"

Sally replied -

"Competition is an invention of capitalism to prevent the working classes coming together through sowing the seeds of distrust where there need none be."

She added -

"Entertainment is an opiate meant to sedate the masses into a contented lull, providing the duel purpose of empty fulfillment and a diversion from revolutionary thought; if all the television sets were to go silent, the idle masses would work their devilish hands towards breaking down the inequalities that divide society."

There was a beeping noise and Sally skipped into the kitchen because her cookies were done.

Later that night, when she had slipped into her pajamas and into her bed, her father came in to turn out the light and kiss her on the head.

He told her as he left the room -

"The energy it takes to engage in acts of revolution is great; sleep frees you both from the endless work demanded by capitalism and gives you much needed subversive energy."

Sally smiled and said to her father -

"And yet the revolution is tireless work and the true letting down of one's guard under the domain of capitalism leaves one vulnerable to exploitation."

Her father smiled, "That's my girl," and left the room to let Sally sleep peacefully.

She cuddled her teddy bear as she was falling to sleep and whispered to it -

"Mass-produced baubles of comfort are a mere substitute introduced by and constructed in the image of the bourgeois."

And she slept soundly.

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