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Welltits 5/31 - 6/6


Actor's Access is such a fucking racket.

I feel like such a small piece in a very large puzzle.

"Quack!" screamed the duck.
The man on the park bench kept bopping the duck on the head and the duck kept quacking.


Wow, yesterday was a mopey-ass day.
Let's make today better, shall we?

Overwatch Overwatch Overwatch Overwatch Overwatch Overwatch

Creation time aw yiss
But just... one more game...

My distracted mind cannot be tamed.
Or rather, when it is it suckers me into thinking it's cooperating and then when I'm least expecting, it unleashes an unbearable fury of noise and thought that overwhelms me so hard my ass gets stuck to the seat I'm in and I can barely move.
My mind and I do not get along that well.

Well. Tits.
A well with tits all over it?
A well shaped like a tit?
Tits shaped like a well?
Tits as big as a well?
Lord only knows.
And Lord isn't saying.
The selfish fuck.

That's the thing about rewriting - I'm never sure if the things I'm adding actually fit well with the piece or will just come across as crowbarred in.


What a time to be alive and annoyed for what is life if not a constant learning of how to deal with new annoyances?

I flatter me and flattery gets me everywhere. I am a spare tire. Not so flattering now, the only reason I'm on the car is because somebody else blew apart.


A flapjack from the past lingered on the dinner table.
It was not happy to have been eaten, and demanded revenge.


Blah blah blaaaaah this nonsense gene runs deep.


"What is obvious for me to write about?" keeps swirling in my head and I keep having to admit that I don't know.

If all the words I've ever written were compiled, I'll bet I've written a couple of novels worth of words. At least.

In the crosshairs, I search.
My life is a frame of a radius of two inches
My life is waiting at the intersection of two lines
And hoping a head falls right on the dot
And for a brief time, my life is the light spasm of finger, trigger and gun
For a moment, it's all fun.
Then I go back to my life of a radius of two
With lines intersecting - it's better that no one knew.

Hatred down every corridor
It's worth passing through them all
Because they lead to you.


I am always a silent one.

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