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First of All, I Enjoy Doing the Blog

I really do. BUT - Now that I'm working two jobs, working towards an acting career and working on half a dozen other projects, I'm finding myself with a limited amount of time and energy to divert into things.

I've looked at all my projects, and the one I realized I can cut back the most is the blog.

Drew Spew is staying. I will still upload weekly, though I haven't decided whether or not if I'll change the upload date.

I already axed Journal Lifting. It was just a pain in the butt from the start.

Sonnet Sundays... I haven't decided whether to stop those or not. Because on one hand it's one more thing to worry about, but on the other - it's easily the least intensive.

Short Fiction, or at least weekly short fiction, is gonna go. Primarily, this is because I realized I'm diverting too much of my creative energy towards pumping out a new super short story every week when I could be spending that time and energy revising my novel or writing another story that would be too long to feature on the blog. My fiction is trending longer than I can manage (or at least, want to manage) on a week to week basis; I have stories to tell that are longer and I want to get them out sometime this century and so - diverting of time and energy.

So yeah. Bit of a bummer, but I've gotta do it for my own sanity, I think.

See y'all next week; I've already got a topic all picked out. It's all shiny and shit.

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