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The Year of "Why Not"

I can't remember the last time I made resolutions...

It's just not a thing I do.

Of course there are things about myself that I want to improve; I usually do try and readjust myself and my goals a bit on solid time markers (beginning of weeks, months, yes, even years).

My goals haven't spontaneously changed overnight, neither have my methods towards achieving them changed much.

The new year begins and I recommit to the things I'm already doing; I don't try that hard to start something new - I prefer to start something better. It's a little easier to do that, I think. A lot of that isn't on a concrete timescale (not a whole lot of, by the end of the year I want to write this much stuff, or gain this much muscle weight). I'm working on a lot of intangibles about myself. That... is a bit more long term and trickier than simply setting goals. And I do this sort of thing all year-round anyway; constantly pick at stuff that I think needs adjustment about myself. January, you ain't so special.

That said, I AM trying to do something different this year. It's going to be tricky, and I just know I'm going to fall on my face a few times, but... I gotta do it.

Similar to Shonda Rhimes' "Year of Yes," I will be partaking in Drew Petriello's "Year of Why Not?"

Interested in the "Year of Why Not" program? Why, let me educate you with these simple points!

  • Something, anything, - an event, task or responsibility comes up? Unless you can find a Compelling Reason Why Not (tm) to do something, then you gotta do it?
    • What constitutes a Compelling Reason? Why, that's simple!
      • "I'm too tired" is not a Compelling Reason! So suck it, sleep!
      • Is it dangerous? IF SO, THEN - well, this goes on a case by case basis I mean, you're the only one who decides how dangerous you perceive something to be and like, I don't really have it figured out for myself so coming up with a rigid rule is a little bit hypocritical don't you think?
      • Have you made a commitment elsewhere? Unless you can easily get out of it without doing damage to your social/professional/romantic/criminal life, then that, my friends, is a Compelling Reason!
      • "I don't have the time." IS DEFINITELY NOT A Compelling Reason YOU DO HAVE THE TIME maybe you're going to have to schedule it for later rather than sooner depending on what it is like say me coming up with a stand-up routine as a purely hypothetical example cuz I mean I really do want to do it but like I'm already swimming in projects I've made for myself right now so I kinda have to pick and choose otherwise I'll go crazy
      • "But I made a RIGID SCHEDULE" is NOT a Compelling Reason!

And so on and so forth.

Call now.

Or whatever.

Pay me money. Come to my weekend seminar. It'll change your something or other. By Jove.

Sooo... that's my "resolution" if you could call it that. Recommit to the things I'm already doing. Institute the rules of Why Not (tm).

The main reason I'm doing this is because I think I have a tendency to talk myself out of doing potentially beneficial things and that once I set a schedule I get VERY ANNOYED when I don't get to everything I planned on doing.

Be flexible; take some chances. Breathe, ninny.

We all have our own ways of getting ourselves to improve. Maybe one day I'll figure out the Perfect Improvement Method (tm)(c)(All Rights Reserved)(Follow us on social media!)(#PIM) but until then, I'm just going to keep muddling around in the swamps of "Why Not."

At least for a little while.

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