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The Great Drew Petriello Social Media Experiment!

Oh fuck me sideways.

As of writing this, I've gotten it into my head that I should be doing more social media stuffs with the twitters and the instantgrammers. As a creative, it never hurts to build your follower base and keep their attention ON YOU AND NO ONE ELSE, but also...

boop. boop. i am good at this.

boop. boop. i am good at this.

There's a fucking atrocious trend in the entertainment industry to cast people over others based on social media following. I could go on an epic rant about how stupid this is, but my basic points are - if you're trying to draw in more viewers because someone is followed by a lot of people, therefore, their followers will watch the shitty thing you're making. Unless the person is already a big ol' superstar in some way (sadly, a lot of youtubers who are bad at acting get cast in stuff because of this) that number doesn't really matter that much. Fifty thousand extra viewers is a small drop in the pond compared with say the hundreds of thousands a tv show would pull in anyway. It's just shortsighted because if you're going to cast crap talent because they have a big following, then later on down the line it's going to bite you in the ass when you're wondering why your show fucking sucks and the ratings tank, but then again, I'm not in TV so I don't really know and also a lot of people actually like Big Bang Theory so clearly it doesn't matter that much if what you're making is crap because...........................

I went into the rant. Sorry. 

Anywho - current experiment; if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

...by being a goddamn goofball idiot.

I write these in advance, so there's a very real possibility that by the time this post goes up, my social media presence will be back to somewhere around "nil" and "Satan's asshole."

But I'm giving it a shot. And I'm determined to have fun with it and not let it stress me out. My instantcoffeegrounds will be silly and made to make me laugh even if no one else does. My tweets...

Um, I guess my tweets will just have more hashtags? I've already gone full dumbasss on twitter with my inane little snippets so...


Don't mind the above italics. That's just the reptilian part of Drew's brain flipping out at the first sign of danger. We don't listen to him.

Anywho. We'll see how this goes. We'll see if I don't do a somersault off my apartment balcony because I've become the sort of person I can't stand.

...god, teenage Drew would be so pissed at me right now.

Eh, teenage Drew can go fuck himself. The guy used to go on Encyclopaedia Dramatica. Ech.

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