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The Final Girl - Badass Horror Theatre in Los Angeles

It's Halloween, you know what that means...




We've run for two weekends already, and we've got a few more ahead. We perform every Friday Saturday and Sunday night, and we have special performance on Halloween. You can buy tickets at this link right here. And you definitely should, and here's why:

Horror and theatre don't have the reputation of mixing well. Yet, this show pulls it off. I wouldn't be saying it if I didn't think so. On display are all of the classic tropes of 80's slasher films, fully embracing both the theatrical and filmic aspects of the genre.

It's a love letter to films such as Halloween and Friday the 13th Part 2, with many nods that horrorheads will enjoy. But for all of the immersion in classic horror, it's no mere retread or parade of references substituting for actual interesting plot and character development. What we have here is something far more special.

It's a play about a woman who kills slashers. The plot takes many twists and turns with all of the delightful gore, sex, humor, vulgarity and otherwise salacious behaviour you could possibly want. Andrea Nelson stars as Victoria Vahtes, the aforementioned murderer of slashers and Eric Rollins plays the big bad slasher, Wayne Walton, who's ready to butcher up some off-kilter college kids. I am one of those kids in this show. OoooooooooooOOOOOOOOOoooooo...

School of Night is a company I've worked with before for this year's Hollywood Fringe Festival in their adaptation of Edward II by Christopher Marlowe, The Faggot King. Chris Johnson and Jen Albert are both badasses and working with them is always inspiring - if also very hard work.

Seriously, if you like horror in any way shape or form, you should make the effort to come see this show. And if you don't care for horror much, but can at least stomach it, then come to see highly original theatre that's guaranteed make you have a blast.

Signing out like a BAMF - Drew "Andrew-because-that's-the-name-of-my-character" Petriello

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