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Sure of Something

Well, it seems like I've been going an awful lot of lamenting these days,
For friends and people I never knew and ideologies in a myriad haze,
Seems like there's been a lot of trouble, confusion in me,
And it takes only a look around the city streets to know its not just me.

Something's in the air, in the water, wrong in the way we nourish,
I tried and tried so hard to get myself to focus and flourish.
Look around, it's obvious confusion is everywhere; those sure-looking ones
Are better at hiding it from the rest of us

Clarity, goddess gone for so long, I pray to you now to return,
I want to be sure of something in these muddled laments that I don't understand,
I want to be sure of something
I want to be sure of something
want to be sure of something

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