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Creatives who only want to talk about being creative.

...he said without the slightest trace of self-awareness.

...he said without the slightest trace of self-awareness.

To me, the worst variety is actors who only want to talking about acting and "living the actor life" because oh my god if I have to hear one more person on set say "I'm living it and loving it" or something similar I'm going to...!

Anyway. Point is - if you're interested in a creative profession of some sort, it's really helpful to have interests that extend beyond the purview of that particular creative realm. Not only is it helpful to be interested in adjacent artistic mediums (I will always highly recommend that writers learn how to act and vice-versa or that painters learn how to play an instrument or what have you), but it can't hurt to cultivate one's interest in things completely unrelated to one's art.

Cultivating interest in the Artistic Adjacent and in the Completely Outside - they're two different things, but also, not really.

I've always been a believer in this; if someone says that they are one thing I am always suspicious of that and wonder what parts of themselves they're lopping off in order to maintain the label of that one thing. Aside from very rare outliers, people have a multitude of interests. I know I do, and that's why I constantly waffle between acting and writing as my main spots of creative nitro.

That said, I think I've recently come to realize the "completely outside" interests are just as valid and important if not more so than the artistically adjacent ones. Because it's good and all to have the creativity spigot open in new and different ways, but going on full blast is not great for mental health.

Love comic books? Don't feel ashamed about spending your time blissfully reading away; your thousand-and-one creative projects will still be there. Same for board games. Or sports. Or needlepoint. Or one of a zillion other interests.

People have hobbies because they give them fulfillment without being as much pressure as their real work; or at least that's the thesis I'm operating from. Cultivating other interests beyond what you've decided as your artistic core will not only give your brain some much needed rest from constantly churning out those creative juices, but it will enhance your creative work by giving you a wider base of experience to draw from.

Go out there and like things! But of course: don't be using this shit to procrastinate, now. I see you there, Meester ProcrastinatorMan.

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