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A Quick Recap of the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018: Preview-6/11


I've decided I'm going to do a quick blog post about the shows I've seen at Hollywood Fringe thus far. There are a bazillion shows and so many that I'm looking forward to that I haven't got a chance to see yet, so... yep. Let's just do thing.

I'm just gonna name shows and do a super small blurb, mm-k?

Click on the name of the show for a link to its fringe page.

First: A Shameless Plug


Just words.png

This link here! Use the code "sleepmustdie" for a discount!

The "I Am Not Worthies"



Just... such a powerful piece. Handles PTSD, brain damage, and more sensitive material in a truly respectful way.

Hercules Insane

Hercules Insane.jpg

An eclectic blend of numerous theatrical traditions that coheres extremely well. A theatre piece that feels truly theatrical.

God: The Apologies Tour

God the apologies tour.png

Hopeful, insightful, fun, and unique. This atheist had a nigh-religious experience that night. Seriously.

The "Highly Recommendeds"

Buzz'd Out Live

Buzz'd out live.png

A game show that's just a lot of ludicrous fun!

Mime Time

Mime Time.jpeg

I was mesmerized by how much command James has over his physicality. So cool to watch.

The High Captain

high captain.jpg

A really fun comedy about a shipwrecked crew getting high on gasoline. Stellar acting and some really clever commentary ahoy!



A tight drama about politics, but not in the tribal "us vs. them" sort of way. Rather, it's about power and what people will do to get to the top in this fucked up system of ours.

The Witnessing


You want to feel paranoid? This will make you feel paranoid. Also, the tech stuff is super neat yo.

American Conspiracy

American Conspiracy.jpg

An excellently done piece (on every level) that tells the story of Ronald Reagan's attempted assassination in a really compelling way.

The "Avoids"

I'm actually not going to do this one. It's not in the spirit of Hollywood Fringe to be spiteful.

So that's that.

Wrapping Up

That's not anywhere near the number of shows out there and I'm sure I've accidentally left something out (sorry sorry sorry), but I wanted to signal boost some of the good good stuff I've seen. I'm seeing like, a dozen more so I'll probably do a part two and/or three.

Let me know if there's anything super amazing awesome that I should see! You can recommend your own show to me, but if you do, you'd better also recommend someone else's along with it.

Signing Off From Hollywood Fringe 2018

How to Be Lazy and Not Feel Guilty - Coming to a Hollywood Fringe near you!