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Dudebro and Brodude do Bro Things

BD: Dudebro.

DB: Brodude.

BD: Like, Dudebro.

DB: Yeah, Brodude?

BD: Check it, Dudebro.

DB: I am "checking it," Brodude.

BD: Dude.

DB: Bro.

BD: Bro.

DB: Dude.

BD: Dudebro, did you "check it."

DB: Yeah, Brodude. It was fuckin' sick, Bro.

BD: Dude.

DB: Bro.

BD: Why don't we hang out anymore, Dudebro?

DB: Brodude?

BD: Not as much as we used to, Dudebro.

DB: Brodude, I'm so sorry, Brodude.

BD: I miss you, Dudebro.

DB: Brodude, I miss your scent.

BD: You miss my Bro-scent?

DB: Yeah, your Bro-scent.

BD: Dudebro, I miss the way my heart flutters around you.

DB: Bro. Dude. Same.

BD: Dudebro, I thought it was just me.

DB: No way Brodude. Bros for life Bro.

BD: Dude.

DB: Bro.



BD: Yeah, Dudebro.

DB: ... Brodude?

BD: Yeah, Dudebro?

DB: Bro, I miss the way we used to cuddle at night, Bro.

BD: Dude, not so loud.

DB: Sorry, Bro.

BD: Only bros can know what bros do.

DB: Sorry, Bro. I forgot, Bro.

BD: It's chill, Dudebro.

DB: You're my dude, Bro.

BD: Dude, you're funny as shit.

DB: Bro, you always loved my jokes, Bro.

BD: I missed your jokes, Dude.

DB: Bro.

BD: Dude.

DB: Brodude.

BD: Dudebro.

DB: Let's go crush some puss together, Brodude. And stare into eachother's eyes while crushing.

BD: Dudebro, staring into your bro's eyes while crushing puss is the height of bro.

DB: I know, Brodude.

BD: I love my Dudebro.

DB: I love my Brodude.

BD: But like, not in a homo way. Like a bro way.

DB: Bro, I know, Bro.

BD: Cool, Dude.

DB: Yeah, Bro.

BD: Let's go crush some puss.

DB: Totes, Bro. Totes.

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