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Nostalgia is Bullshit

I'm not a very nostalgic person

There are very few things I can think of that really "take me back" to a more innocent time. Part of this is because, even though there were things that I loved as a kid, hell, was OBSESSED with, I can't honestly think of anything that just stuck around as like, the indicative thing about my childhood.



Part of the reason I wanted to bring this up is because people on the internet seem to be fueled by nostalgia in some really unhealthy ways. It leads people to be jerkheads about certain things, like say the Ghostbusters movie that came out a little while back. I like the original Ghostbusters. It's a good movie. I don't give a shit if other people make a new franchise out of it that's trying to capture the zeitgeist of today's times. But people who "GREW UP WITH IT AND IT WAS THEIR FAVORITE THING" practically torched down theatres that the new one was playing at. That's what I'm talking about. People latching on to certain intellectual properties with such fervor that it leads to a lashing out about people who disagree or interpret or remake the material different than you would. All because "IT WAS A BIG PART OF MY CHILDHOOD WAAAAAH"

I can't think of a single thing that would make me truly pissed if it were to be remade in a way that didn't conform with my conceptions of the franchise. For a while, I used to think that about Star Trek Next Generation, but the more I think about it, the less I care. Even when it does inevitably get a remake, the original will still be around for me to love and cherish. About the only franchise on Earth you could say that got good and properly ruined is Star Wars because George Lucas won't release the un-digitally-enhacned versions. You can't find a legitimate copy of the original trilogy anywhere. EXCEPT - with the magic of the internet, people have gone and made re-edited versions of the original trilogy with all of the stupid bullshit taken out, so you can, in fact, still enjoy that shit.

I don't really get this franchise obesssion thing. Maybe someone can enlighten me. As much as I love a wide smattering of fictional worlds, there's none that I'm so obsessed with that I would make death threats over their "desecration".


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