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Ten Writing Prompts for the Homies Stuck on the Blank Screen (pour one out)

Here are some writing suggestions if you want to write something, but can't quite seem to settle on an idea. The purpose of these is to be vague enough that your own imagination can run wild. Seize onto the first associans that come to you and run.

Just go...

Just go...

Remember: it never hurts to practice.

Go forth, and write!

  1. Vines that come to life.
  2. I saw you at Church yesterday.
  3. Twine unraveling.
  4. Magic that turns out to be real, but not in the way you'd expect.
  5. A sense of wonder about pixies.
  6. Retcon the mistake.
  7. Have an anyerism.
  8. Explore the finger.
  9. Have an ounce of mercy.
  10. When it all comes to an end.

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