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A Watershed Moment for Exposing Scumbags

I cannot remember a time in my life when I'd heard of more sexual impropriety allegations than now

And frankly - Good. Fuck these scumbags. We've got a series of societal ideals and structures that reinforce this bad behavior and I'm glad people are getting their comeuppance for it.

It's a metaphor for the shattering of the patriarchy.

It's a metaphor for the shattering of the patriarchy.

Powerful men being laid low for their past deeds. Something something hubris, something something tough shit.

More and more powerful men are being taken down and being exposed as shitty shitty people. I will admit, I can't help but wonder when horrible shit about someone I actually idolize will come out. Frankly, by this point, I expect it to happen. Which is really... kinda sad.

It's a bad time for heroes. Everyone has skeletons in their closet, it turns out, and all heroes are terrible when you look at them closely. Which is often why we choose to believe the mythology rather than the truth (and why some of these assholes have ardent defenders). It's a lot nicer to think of Thomas Jefferson as the Philosopher President rather than the Slave Rapist, just to throw out an example of how entrenched these mythologies are.

Myths are one of the ways society functions. But society also needs a nice paddle-to-the-face of reality.

Introspectively yours, Drew Petriello

Capitalism = Waste

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