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i'm in revision hell and i'm procrastinating

revising sucks man i just wish this would solve itself you know too many plot threads gotta cut shit gotta make my characters stronger i mean shit i'm getting bored of them and i made them but maybe its because im spending so much time on it and i need to step back but i cant because ive already spent so much time on it and the deadline is looming closer and oh god im a hack someone just tell me how to fix this i need a breakthrough o muse of muses enter my soul and tell me what the fuck is wrong with my script i just need a little bit of direction, just a little but a bulleted list of specific things to change wouldnt go wrong either aaaaaaaaaaaaah well ill keep working on it i guess if i keep sawing away maybe itll make a pretty shape right right right RIGHT

signing off once again with weeping hackneyed tears, drag portobellos.

A Watershed Moment for Exposing Scumbags

BACK in the Washing - BACK in the Washing - BACK in the Washington Sta-ate!