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It's Okay to Like Things

The Name of the age is Cynicism

And it's getting tiring. See, being snarky about stuff all the time is fun and all, but people do realize it's okay to just like things, right? I feel like if you say you like something in this day and age, you'd better be ready to defend it tooth and nail or brush off snarky attacks on the thing you like, because the instant you open your mouth to say you like something, more often than not, you'll be greeted with some sort of criticism.

I'm guilty of this too. Someone says, "I like Movie X" and then I've immediately turned around and said, "Really? I heard Movie X wasn't so good." You have to defend what you like because, on the internet and real life, there's an army of people out there waiting to tell you why you're wrong.

Which isn't to say I don't think being able to explain why you do or don't like a thing is not important, but I'm personally getting tired of having to come up with valid reasons why I like something.

"Ugh, why did you like Rogue One? That movie was all over the place and -"

"I don't care. It has problems, but I really really liked it and am probably going to watch it again, now shut your trap and let me enjoy things."



Give a hand to my lovely assistant, Strawman.

Sometime's it's okay to just like stuff even if you can't explain why. I like pens and notebooks and legal pads and none of my reasons for liking them correlate well with pure, unfiltered logic. These are things I like because of the way they feel to me, and if someone is going to call me a Luddite, inefficient hag for liking those things, then I guess they're going to have to deal with it 'cause I'm certainly not going to give up on stuff that gives me such joy. No one ever has called me that, mind you, but if they did...

Hm, methinks I have an overactive imagination.

There is an opposing problem of liking things wherein fans will so staunchly defend a hobby or whatever it is that they love that any attempts to change or criticize it are met with VILE SPEWING HATE (ahem, Gamergate...). However, that is a discussion for another time and I, frankly, am goddamn exhausted as I write this and just want to go to sleep because dammit, I've been busting my ass for several days on end and been getting really poor sleep and I think just a few good nights would really help me out, but noooooOOOOOoooo, I have things to do and....

Sorry, that got away from me.

In an age of cynicism and a growing need for critical thought, all I ask is that if someone likes a thing that may be weird or even completely idiotic, maybe we let them enjoy it. Enjoyment doesn't hurt anyone.

Unless that thing they enjoy is something like, I dunno, say, drilling a hole in someone's head then pouring acid into it. In which case - Jeffrey Dahmer, please don't read my blog. You scare me.

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