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Mister Inge, Delighted to Meet you

The day this goes up, I will be attending day one of the 36th annual William Inge festival!

Independence, Kansas has a secret - it is home to one cool-ass annual theatre festival.

this my greeting :3

this my greeting :3

For those not in the know, a play I wrote, How to be Lazy and not Feel Guilty, got accepted as part of their Play Lab wherein 36 plays will receive readings and critiques and where I will be going to classes and meeting people and it will be GREAT.

Technically, the biggest success (ie, being accepted into this festival) of my post-grad career is related to my Theatre Major, but it's not for acting.

Not that I'm complaining or being snide. Just stating a fact I find interesting. Honest.

Truth be told, I have no idea what to expect. I'm just excited.


GAH, I don't know what else to talk about! I don't want to talk about my play because I'd rather wait until I get feedback and have thought about it a lot more before discussing it on the blog... if I ever do. I really am going in super blind to this whole thing so I can't speak too much about the festival.

So. Um. I think this post is going to be short. Maybe next week's post will be a debrief instead of whatever LAME SHIT it is I have scheduled.


Inge Festival Debrief

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