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Anna St. Hesia is trapped in a dream…

anna st hesia postcard.png

…and you will be there to witness her wake up. Or not. Maybe she’ll stay asleep. Who knows? Certainly not her.

Anna St. Hesia Dreams is one-woman play, written by me, performing at the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival over the month of June. It stars the lovely Jinny Ryann, who performs the titular Anna as well as just under a dozen other oddball characters throughout the show while weaving a tale within a tale which all connects in unexpected ways.

To pull back the curtain on this project a bit: I have been working on this for way too freaking long, but I think I can finally say that I am proud of what we are creating and I am really, really excited for people to come and see it. It’s far from your regular solo show.

Anna St. Hesia Dreams is, as you would expect, surreal and dreamlike. The storytelling is dark and fantastical, but not without the absurdity and silliness that you would expect from my work. There is a lot of Real Feeling™ in this play, and I think it shows. I’ve really stretched outside my comfort zone, and yet, at the same time, this play is undoubtedly something I wrote. It could not have been done by anyone else.

I mean, there are people who go into dragon dreams and create tourist destinations. If that’s not got Drew Petriello written all over it, then I don’t know what does.

Tickets are on sale as you read this! What are you waiting for! They’re only $12 and preview is pay-what-you-can, so if you live in the greater Los Angeles area, I urge you to come along and see this show.

Also, since you’re a cool person and I like you, I want to offer you a discount code for $10 tickets - “dreamtourism” - use that code when you buy tickets on the Fringe website - hff19.org/5915.

See that link there? Spread it around for me, will you? You like me, don’t you? You want me to have success, right? You want people to come see my work, right? You think validating my life choices is something the good people of Los Angeles should be subjected to, right?

You don’t? Well, if not for me, then do it for Jinny, okay? Because she is infinitely cooler than I am and deserves to have as many people as possible witness her stellar performance.

Performances are throughout the month of June on these dates and times:
June 7 (Friday) - 8:30 PM (pay-what-you-can preview!)
June 15 (Saturday) - 2:00 PM
June 19 (Wednesday) - 8:30 PM
June 21 (Friday) - 6:30 PM
June 23 (Sunday) - 10:30 PM

It is it the Flight Theatre at the Complex Hollywood (6472 Santa Monica Blvd).

A word of warning: Fringe shows start ON TIME. There is no “holding for five” here. If you get stuck in traffic, you will miss a large chunk of the show. Leave home early. Not the least of which is because parking is a goddamn nightmare. Give yourself time. Besides, there are several cool places to hang out nearby - Fringe Central is right next to the Complex, so you can chill there, grab a drink, then come on in and see the show and have your mind melted for just under an hour.

Hope to see you there!

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