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During the run of the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival, Sarah and I decided to have a night of father/son bonding with three shows on the docket that night.

This evening culminates in the most spectacularly embarrassing display of whiteness I have ever been a part of and hoo boy, y'all know I'm a super white sunofabitch.

Over these past several months, I've wanted to:

  • Jump with joy

  • Jump into Santa Monica Boulevard traffic

  • Give up

  • Give it my all

  • Meet awesome people

  • Meet absolutely no one ever again

  • Sleep for all eternity

  • Never sleep again

  • ...and many more contradictory desires/emotions/tendencies/behaviors/etc!

  • Also drink. I've wanted to drink a lot. Just so much. God, I had a lot of alcohol. Christ.