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The Essential Project 3 - Compromised


This is going to be my last one for a little while. Gotta keep a low profile until some shit blows over.

4.1 0400

The cell of Bridge. Bridge can be seen through the Binah Mirror, sleeping. Director Homestead and Lieutenant Director Keyholder stand before the mirror. A handful of soldiers guard them, armed with assault weapons.

Keyholder: We've got to bring the search party out.

Homestead: ...

Keyholder: Corporal Jellybean is dead. This search is a waste of resources and possibly lives.

Homestead: We don't know he's dead.

Keyholder: I - ! (a pause) Better to give up on one than lose half a dozen. Ma'am.

Homestead: (walking closer to the Binah Mirror) I'll take it under advisement.


Keyholder: It could very well be that the Corporal went rogue.

Homestead: I read the report. I do not dismiss the conclusion. If so, it is all the more imperative that he be recovered.

Keyholder: We should talk with Archangel.

Homestead: No.

Keyholder: But -

Homestead: Out of the question, Lieutenant.

Keyholder: She holds such sway over the other Essentials! She -

Homestead: That's a negative.


Keyholder: Yes ma'am.


Homestead: Truth be told, I'm more worried about the striding patch technology. The scientists still aren't confident. (a pause) The quartermaster says we have a patch missing. Which I find odd.

Keyholder: (a pause) Oh? Why wasn't I informed?

Homestead: (shrugs) Disappeared a couple of days before Corporal - what the hell is that?

A hideous figure comes into view on the Binah Mirror. Soldiers raise their rifles. Dir. Homestead and Lt. Dir. Keyholder step back.

Keyholder: Open - !

Homestead: Hold your fire, men!

Uncertainty ripples through the soldiers, then quells.

Homestead: My god.

Keyholder: What the hell?

Sergeant I: What are your orders?

Homestead: Let it through. Keep weapons trained.

Sergeant I: Affirmative.

A mutated human figure leaps out of the Binah Mirror and rolls on the ground. It wears a blood-drenched military uniform. What once were hands are transformed into anemone-like cilia. Shoulders bulge cancerously out of the uniform. The head slopes. There are dozens of other defects.

The figure hulks upright, looking about wildly.

Homestead: Corporal Jellybean?

The figure stirs. It looks Homestead in the eyes.

Private S: My god.

Homestead: Corporal. You can understand me, yes?

Mutant Jellybean nods. He convulses a little and gags up something sticky and green. His eyes flick around the cell.

Homestead: Can you talk to me?

Jellybean: (still looking about) <grunts>

Homestead: What happened to the search party?

Mutant Jellybean's cilia wiggle. His eyes rest on Keyholder. He hunches over and growls.

Homestead: Tell me the truth, Corporal. We will see to it that -

A gunshot.

Mutant Jellybean's head snaps back. He stumbles a few steps, then tips into the Binah Mirror frame, knocking it from its foundation and shattering it.

Keyholder holds a pistol. Smoke snakes out of the barrel.

Homestead: Lieutenant!

Keyholder: Ma'am, he was dangerous, primed to attack -

Homestead: Private, put her in restraints.

Private S lowers her weapon and takes out handcuffs.

Keyholder: Ma'am, he was going to attack us.

Homestead: Out of line, Lieutenant.

One of Mutant Jellybean's cilium lashes out and embeds in the spinal column of Private S. Private S screams. She shrivels. Her screams fade. The cilium bulges as it sucks on her life force.

Homestead: Open fire!

The soldiers do. A hail of bullets riddles Mutant Jellybean - chunks of flesh and blood tear off of him and he jerks about. More cilia whip. They impact like leaches into the the walls, floor and ceiling. Mutant Jellybean unleashes an otherworldly, ear-drum shattering wail.

Lt. Dir. Keyholder backs into the cell door panel, slides her keycard, then runs out. Dir. Homestead notices this. She looks back, looks at the chaos. She goes after Lt. Dir. Keyholder.

Homestead: (slamming the panel outside of the cell) Goddammit!

The door closes.

The cilia tubes suspend Mutant Jellybean's body. His mass simultaneously shears away and regrows. Pustules burst. A tube is severed by bullets. He swings, body colliding with a soldier. Mutant Jellybean's jaw rips through his own chest cavity, bones and sinew stretching and bursting, until his mouth is the size of a human torso. His jaw snaps shut, eating whole the top half of the soldier.

He throws Private S into Sergeant I.

His body convulses. He vomits out a mushy, orb shaped object coated in a film of green slime.

The object flattens, then springs and sticks to the side of a soldier. The soldier falls to the ground. The mushy object applies the pressure of a hydraulic press through the soldier's body. His intestines burst out of his backside.

The slaughter goes on. No one survives.

Mutant Jellybean swings from his tubing. Horribly disfigured corpses litter the cell floor. The mushy object hops around. It sings.

Transcript ends.

The facility is on emergency lockdown. It's a miracle I was able to get out and (hopefully) get back in without causing alarm.

As of right now, it remains to be seen whether or not this will affect public safety.

Until later.

- Alcatraz

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