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Those Evil Men

A cadre filled with kooks and crooks and cliques
Of crooked sorts all keen on cleaning clocks,
A rabble-rousing ring of rabid dicks
Rambunctiously so wretched with those rocks.
Those vacuously vacuumed minds, oi vey,
Voracious vapid vanity on view;
Do dreaded dung-heap drug-heads damn all day?
Oh doom doom doom it's drearier than dew.
Oh someone must do something don't you say?
So split those scumbag sluts with slices slick
You turn away? No, tear the terror - slay!
They'll take you too just if you take a tick.
Great gore, so glorious and gangrenous,
Just lop it off and I won't make a fuss.

I Wish I Could Quit You

Time Wizardry